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  Professional Titanium Scissors
  ART: SOS-3606
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Our high quality Titanium Color Thinning Scissors and Texturizing scissors come in variety of designs. They include 10 teeth, 15teeth, 20 teeth, 28 teeth and offer a variety of other options for texturizing and blending. These scissors are mirror polished or satin finished and include both the fixed screws type scissors and screw with adjustable dial clicking plates type scissors. The second assembly allows for adjustment of scissor tension. Our range also includes double sided thinning scissors with double finger rests which can be either fixed or removable. Our thinning scissors are smooth and sharp. All scissors are convex edge, hollow ground. Whether you cut hair that is wet or dry, fine or coarse, straight or curly, our thinning shears are designed to deliver the best results. Sizes:5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" / 5.5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" / 6\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" / 7\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
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